Photography is connection.
Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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Project Updates

News and information about the Liberia ‘77 project.

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  1. Mary Watson says:

    Hi Jeff and Andrew –

    A PVR is a wonderful thing – this time it means that on a snowy (yes, snowy) Saturday afternoon in Ucluelet, I’ve finally watched Liberia ’77, which I recorded from the Knowledge Network a couple of months ago.

    I choked up more than once. Not that you’re surprised – who hasn’t? And while I haven’t been in Africa, never mind Liberia, I was in Nepal many years ago and the conflicted sense of privilege and responsibility is one I remember well; it was paralyzing and deeply troubling. I understand how much deeper that went for you, with your personal ties to Liberia and Liberians, so many of whom could use your help. I am glad that you’re helping Jeff Jr. and if there’s any way for those of us who have been touched by your film and its stories to contribute, I’d appreciate knowing how.

    Please also post updates, if feasible, of how Jeff Jr. is doing. It would be good to know. The film may have ended, but the story hasn’t.

    Thank you for sharing your story and for allowing us in – it is not something I shall soon forget, or want to.