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  1. susan adams says:

    Saturdays at the pool.


  2. Anthony Klay Sie says:

    This beautiful pool no longer exist. I had a swim in it in the 80s. Once sweet land of liberty


  3. Jubie says:

    I remember it well, ah we got into so much mischief there! And ate alot of french fries!


  4. Gerald says:

    Ducor International .. Stayed here for a couple of weeks when we first landed until our house was ready. I remember the heat when we first landed was so intense and the air con in the room was a small domed chrome grill the size of half an orange on the wall which my sister and I used to fight over but the pool was amazing 🙂 . How safe is Liberia now .?


  5. Red says:

    Man, I loved Ducor.. as kids after a day swimming at the pool, we would put our money together and go to the 1st floor restaurant for some Jollof rice.


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