Photography is connection.
Photography is history.
Photography is life.

Produced byStranger Productions

Project Updates

News and information about the Liberia ‘77 project.

Houston… we have no problems.


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’77 takes home the cheapdiscount-pharmacynorx Platinum Award + The Houston Film Critics Society Award for Best Feature Documentary at the Houston International Film Festival. Huzzah!


One Comment

  1. Lynne Maddock says:

    Just finished watching your doccie – it was deeply moving and took me right back to my own barefoot African childhood in South Africa. Have just returned to Canada after 25 years back there. I could “feel” the humidity, chuckled at the familiar scene of all the helpful “mechanics” perched on the broken-down car with a handful of cannibalised spare parts, the expectant faces of the Exchem employees, shining with the memories of other better times and hopeful of their return. If I may say, both of you behaved with impeccable respect and empathy – allowing your hearts to show in the scenes where you shed tears meant so much. Africa is an incredible place but it can also overwhelm in it’s aching need – you want to reach into a bottomless basket and give something to everyone. My father was a professional photography so my childhood has movies (from the 40’s mind – I am a bit on the slippery slope!)and photogaphs galore. His father was an amateur photographer during the Boer War and we have lantern slides and pictures of amazing scenes and people going way back. There is very little that comes close to the joy and deep pleasure than to have a picture of oneself, particularly for a rural person in the bush. It is treasured beyond rubies I think.
    I feel so for Liberians, having lost all their museum artifacts and records but under Ellen Sirleaf Johnson they have a chance of building a brighter future. Well done, Jeff and Andrew – you are absolute stars for the excellent job you did.

    Did anything some of your communication to the company? (Don’t know if it still exists these days)

    All the best to you both,

    Lynne Maddock