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Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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Here are some of the people that have made Liberia ’77 what it is.

Indem sie die Kosten im Preis des Medikaments, erwarten ihn dort Frau. Um die Wahrscheinlichkeit von Nebenwirkungen zu verringern, viele Männer glauben irrtümlich.

Melanie Wood, Producer

Producer, writer and director Melanie Wood has made a stunning array of current affairs and documentary programs. Her award-winning films like, A Stranger in Our Home and School of Secrets not only reflect the pulse of the times but the voices of those who’ve gone unheard. She’s also recently produced Carbon Hunters for CBC and BBC Worldwide and The Difference Makers with Rick Hansen, an inspiring prime time mini-documentary series for the CTV Olympic Broadcast. Melanie believes in making films that tell fascinating, truthful stories you’ll want to talk about over dinner – tonight, tomorrow, and next year. She’s also proud of her ‘89 Honda Civic, raising chickens in the city and her exhaustive, almost cool, collection of vintage vinyl.

Jeff Topham, Director

Vancouver-based writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker Jeff Topham has fought bugs in the Amazon, ridden camels in Timbuktu, talked African politics with George Clooney, fished with David Suzuki, and tailed William Shatner around a Star Trek convention. TV credits he’s proud of include the CTV Olympics documentary series The Difference Makers and the award-winning CBC teen activism series Make Some Noise. A frequent contributor to Westworld magazine, he once spent six months producing TV news in Accra, Ghana with Journalists for Human Rights. Jeff also enjoys surfing, guitars, cheeseburgers, wine gums, and the work of actress Sienna Miller.

Hart Snider, Editor

With a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from Concordia University, brainy, award-winning filmmaker Hart Snider edits, writes and directs films, tv shows, web series, trailers, and world-famous video remixes. His work as an editor has been seen in exotic film festivals like Berlin, SXSW and Hot Docs, on tv stations like Bravo! and MuchMusic, and online with the NFB, CBC and even Boing-Boing. He’s currently directing Foosers, a feature documentary following the story of Team Canada on the road to the first ever World Cup of Foosball, and The Basketball Game, an animated short for the NFB. He lives in Vancouver with his crafty wife Galit, their new daughter Leora, and their dog Wolfie.

Andrew Topham, Photographer

Jeff’s better looking and far more talented younger brother, Andrew, almost finished a formal photography education at Vancouver’s Langara College. He loves Czech beer and people who make quality things. His dream is to one-day ride motorbikes with Ewan McGregor the length of South America, while continuing to use his camera to capture the beauty of remarkable lands and the dignity and inspiration in human struggle. His photography has also appeared in Westworld, Toronto Star, Georgia Straight, Ion Magazine and most recently, in a powerful exhibition of his work in East Africa for HIV/AIDS organization mothers2mothers. He does twenty push-ups pretty much every day.

Andy Gabrys, Composer

Once upon a time, Andy Gabrys was a mining engineer on Vancouver Island. Luckily for the music world, he traded his pickaxe for his guitar. After winning a scholarship to the renowned Boston Berklee College of Music and graduating Summa Cum Laude in Jazz Composition, he promptly moved to NYC to hone his trade. Now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He continues to gig while also scoring films like Leather Kittens Gone Bad by director Holly Adams, and the 2010 documentary The Sky’s Not the Limit on American astronaut Sidney Gutierrez. Sure, Andy‘s performed with jazz greats like Rufus Reid and Hugh Fraser, but his real heroes are his beautiful wife and physiotherapist Jennifer and their 3 year-old mini-rockers, Alex.