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  1. Ronauld Weeks says:

    This house is in Crozierville …. A Barbadain settlement…. this is how it looks today….

    1965…A History of Crozierville[1] Burleigh Holder I am honored by the invitation for me to participate in the events of this great day by presenting a brief historical survey of the incidents leading to the founding of this settlement, and some of the contributions made by the Barbadian emigrants who landed on these shores exactly one hundred years ago. The opportunity thus afforded me to address you on this memorable occasion is a rare and distinguished honor of which I am deeply proud and which I shall strive humbly to merit. The occasion for which we have gathered here is not only memorable, but monumental. It is unique, too, not only in its circumstances but also in its historic and symbolic significance. There is but one occasion commemorating the Barbadian Emigration to the Republic of Liberia which occurred on that historic 10th day of May in 1865. Or should I refer to the event not as an emigration or immigration, but as the return of men, women and children to their Fatherland from which their forefathers had been involuntarily snatched away into bondage. Exile or migration is not an unusual feature in tlle history of mankind. A slight advertence to the pages of history will make clear that ancient man (say, the Greeks, the Gauls), Medieval man (the Europeans), and modern man (the Europeans, the Africans), have all tasted of this experience. It is not as easy to determine whether exile is voluntary or involuntary as it is to distinguish between actual applied physical compulsion to move, on the one hand, and intentional movement free of physical constraint, on the other.


  2. Milton Weeks says:

    Unfortunately, this house collapsed a few months ago after being in serious disrepair for many years.


  3. Tobi says:

    Sad to hear that it has collapsed! Hopefully and perhaps one day someone might have the will and the funds to rebuild it. Even though it can of course be argued that the money could be spent more wisely. It is for each individual to decide.


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