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  1. Alessandro Albè says:

    I am an Italian railway enthusiast, and I am a cooperator with an Italian historic railway magazine.
    I have discovered the cooperation between italian and german firms to the Bong Mining Co. I wish to write an article about this forgot joint-venture, that I believe unknow to the majority of Italian rail enthusiast people. I know that a fleet of ore wagons were built by italian firm.
    I ask if You can authorized to use your picture for my article (if possible in high definition file).
    I am only a railway enthusiast, not a professional journalist, so I can offer only a copy free of the magazine with the article.

    I thank You in advance

    Alessandro Albè
    Dairago (ITALY)


  2. jefft says:

    hi alessandro –

    please send me an email at

    i will give you the contact for the person who uploaded the photo,
    and we can make sure it’s ok with him.




  3. josef says:

    There is existing an equal postage stamp from Liberia (issued 1994, same train at exactly same viewpoint).

    It would be interest to find out the location of this viewpoint. The summit in the background must be a Peak of the Bong Range, never knows, it has also a Name?

    I would be glad if anybody could give more information.

    Thanks a lot



  4. Tobias Bokeloh says:

    Hi Josef, the hill you can see is the beginning of the Zaweah Range. The mining pit began behind that. The view is towards the mine and the workshops. To the left you can see top of the roof of the main workshop, where locomotives and wagons were serviced. Wagons were from Finsider Italy, as I mean to remember. I rode on the train often when I was a child, from Bong Mines to Caldwell Port in Monrovia. Photo was taken from this location: 6°48’41.6″N 10°21’32.8″W, looking east. The place where I was born 1967 is here: 6°47’51.3″N 10°21’17.5″W, today a ghost town overgrown by the bush.


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