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Cuttington Choir with President Tubman

Author: MarkF

The choral group from Cuttington College was composed of expat workers and Liberians alike. On this occasion, they had been invited to perform for President Tubman at the Executive Mansion and posed for this formal portrait. Those I can identify: President Tubman (front middle); my mother, Karis Fadely (front, 2nd from R); Marian Kahleah (front, 6th from R); Methodist missionary Elwyn Hughlett (back, 2nd from R); my father, Tony Fadely (back, 3rd from R); Lutheran missionary Neal Solvik (back, 4th from R).

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  1. Bruce Ruccius says:

    My mother, Winona Ruccius, Lutheran missionary, 4th from rt, front row in Cuttington Choir Performing for President Tubman. My father, Martin, was hospital administrator of Phebe Hospital in Suococo. Prior to that he was principal and primary developer of the Lutheran Training Institute (LTI) originally at Muhlemburg (near Harrisburg) & relocated to Salayea (near Zorzor). My parents were in Liberia from 1946 – 1972. Will look through pictures . . .


  2. Ken Otteson says:

    The young choir director standing in the front is Josef “Joe” Knott.


  3. Ernest Bruce says:

    I’m totally amazed to see this photo, since I’ve lost my copy due to the war in Liberia. The group pictured here did a command performance of Handel’s Messiah for President Tubman at the Executive Mansion in Monrovia, in 1970. I was the bass soloist for the performances of the Messiah. I’m the seventh person from the left of the photo, and former Head of State, Gyude Bryant, is in the rear of the President, between him and Dr. Christian Baker, President of Cuttington. Don’t remember names of all of the Phebe staff; they were a great bunch to work with. Oh what a joy to see this!!! I do remember all of the students in the ensamble; Nat Davies, Blyden Yoh, Rosetta Stewart, Marian Kehleay…..


    • Charles E. King says:


      I was told that there were no good education in Liberia. If this is true, who are the non africans that are in this photo. Are they students? Kind Regards


      • Ernest Bruce says:

        The “non Africans” in the photo are a combination of some faculty and staff from Cuttington, and missionaries and staff from Phebe Hospital.


  4. Martha Lukens says:

    I remember the rehearsals for this concert, a big deal! My mother, Penny Lukens is fourth from the R front row. I went to school with the other kids of the missionaries et al.


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