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Direct neighbors

Author: eisjen

We understood that during Tubman time everybody close to Tubman had a second house in Harper. After his death this ‘rich’ part of town became a ghost town, full of snakes, huge black mamba’s. As thick as my husband’s wrist. We loved to live there. We were there almost a year and never regretted one day.

Year Taken:


  1. Chris G says:

    Is this a picture of the original JJ Dossen Hospital on Up Cape, Harper? It looks like the Tubman house down the road to the right and the cove leading to waterside market in left background.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. George Hilary Yancy says:

    South Baltimore Street, Harper City and the frame house to the right used to be the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cooper, Sr. It was a wooden house with shade at the front to park a vehicle. Gone now with no trace that it was once there.


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