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  1. Tess St Clair says:

    I didn’t know Dr. Green but I’ve sat in this waiting area so many times for so many reasons! Elwa hospital was closer than Harbel Hospital, so we used it often.


  2. DR. Ross Green says:

    Thank you Tess for your comments. You nd I are both admirers of Dr. Schindler. Did you know the hospital was designed by Mrs. Schindler. Our family spent a month at ELWA in 1970 and I returned in 1971 with my uncle Dr. Sam Miles and twice after always AS a locums the last time in 1977 where I met Drs susie and David Oviatt with whom we continue to correspond and who made corrrections to my comments


  3. DR. Ross Green says:

    Tess I forgot to mention the man in the background is Pete Ackley who is an icon of ELWA hospital. You may have seen him often when you were at the hospital;


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