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George & Winifred Harley

Author: MarkF

The Harleys were missionary pioneers, founding Ganta Methodist Mission in 1926. At that time, there were no vehicular roads that far in the interior. Nonetheless, George dissembled an automobile and had the parts packed to Ganta. He rebuilt the car and used it on the small network of roads around the 250-acre mission property. The Harleys are pictured here in front of Stone House, Ganta Methodist Mission.

Year Taken:


  1. Mary Lou Goethals Haddock says:

    My parents new the Harleys and I have a couple of his books. My family lived at Harbel Terrace and my father worked for Firestone. We left in 1968 to come back to the states.


  2. fan says:

    I do not believe this photo could have been made in 1964. Dr. Harley retired to the U.S. in 1960 and, I believe, never returned before he died in 1966. His widow did return one time. The photo has been published with the indication that it was made in the 1950s. This is likely accurate.


    • MarkF says:

      Thanks for the correction, “fan”. This photo was among several from my grandparents, who only lived in Liberia from ’64 to ’66, so I dated it at the early end of their stay.


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