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Gurley Street

Author: rehrich

Anyone who lived in or near Monrovia knows about Gurley Street. I remember it as a 15 year old where I would go to the “juke joints” and learned how to dance to James Brown and Sam and Dave. Around midnight would step outside and buy some pepper chicken and round bread from the lady cooking on the street. Also, a small bottle of Stockton Gin. My mother thought I was staying with my friend in town and her mother thought she was staying with me out in Caldwell. She nearly fainted when I told her all about it years later! Took this picture when I returned as a Peace Corps Volunteer

Year Taken:


  1. Shaun Malloy says:

    When the U.S. Navy visited, everyone asked about Gurley Street!


  2. Suzanne rayment says:

    From this top window an African was electricuted on these wires
    my partner threw a big rubber mat on him and then he fell back into the building

    both men collapsed

    I turned the power off

    the African lived my partner was four days to recover

    we lived in this place!


  3. T. Jamal says:

    This building is presently our Ministry of Commerce here in Liberia. I’m so happy to see photos of Liberia from years back. Thanks alot.


  4. Daisy says:

    AFAIC tht’as the best answer so far!


  5. Gordon says:

    Great website and photos. Brought back memories of my time in Liberia from 1979 to 1980. Worked for an International company, based in Monrovia, so had some good times in Gurley Street and decent meals at El Meson. Thanks for your efforts.


  6. Trevor House says:

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer 1977 to 79. Lived in foya but took trips down to Monrovia. Me and my buddies we’re definitely familiar with good ol gurley street. Dancing till Dawn, sleep in and do it again! Then back up to the bush! Ah the memories…..


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