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Karate in Monrovia

Author: jaygee

By the late 1970s karate was becoming popular in Liberia, in part because of the influence of the Bruce Lee movies which were very popular. Larry Jefferson had a karate school in Monrovia and another group worked out regularly on a driveway on Warner Ave. in Sinkor. In 1976 the Liberia Martial Arts Federation was formed. The picture shows the Warner Avenue group following a grading session. These training and testing sessions always drew a fair group of spectators. Larry Jefferson is standing on the far left, he was the first President of the Liberian Martial Arts Federation (1976-1982), beside him is Ruddi Kaizulu who followed him as president (1982-1992), Others standing are Eddie, Bobby and Moses Stubberfiel. Sitting from left to right are John Gordon, unknown, and Poppay Tolbert.

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