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Label from 1976

Author: dharvey95

This is a label I removed from a rum bottle in 1976. In the compound called Caldwell, there was a house just outside of the compound. As teenagers we would go there on our motorcycles and hang out. The owner lived in the back of the house with his wife and as I remember a few small kids. The front of the house was set up like a bar. Two tables some chairs, a dirt floor and no AC. I remember Club Beer as the drink of choice. We called the place “Briggs”.

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One Comment

  1. Gerald says:

    We had friends living in Caldwell I’ll try and dig out more info but I do remember one of the daughters was called Silvia . I’m trying to track down Our first house which wasn’t far from here, it was one of four houses in a walled compound on the road to the cultural centre and beach. Can anyone help ?
    I also had a monkey bike and club beer . Great site, brings back so many memories, thanks all.


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