Photography is connection.
Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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  1. My mother, Anne Koons, taught at the LMC school in Bomi Hills from 1964 until 1976 or 1977.


  2. My mother, Anne Koons, taught at the LMC school in Bomi Hills.There are books and books of photos and slides in my basement. I will see if I can have one of my children help load some of them.


  3. austin goldsworthy says:

    Hi Doris, What a lovely find,worked with your dad at LMC,same shift for over a year, while on leave in Cornwall [my birth place]they stayed with Shirley an myself when they were enroute from Liberia to the USA on the way for their leave. when they finally left LMC, I had moved to LAMCO but came to airport to give them a farewell surprise, LMC never did they told me. Get in touch if you wish we could fill in some voids.Regards Austin.


  4. Paul Kirsch says:

    Imagine my shock seeing myself in this pic. Holy crap! Front row third from the right. Mrs. Bustard was my favorite teacher hands down. And I remember Mrs. Springer used to be a hit with the kids as a substitute. The kids would ask her to adjust the air conditioning and she’d climb up on the table in her mini skirt. LOL Grade 3 sex ed before it was even a thing!


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