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log transportation Harper 5

Author: eisjen

Logs waiting got transportation. To show their size our son and I had to stand in front of them, while my husband took the picture.

Year Taken:


  1. Shaun Malloy says:

    I think that these are mahogony logs.


  2. Wil Sonpon says:

    The logs were brought into Harper from River G (River Gbeh, then part of Maryland, now it’s own county) on huge trailers. The logs were so big, they could only fit one large one or four smaller ones on the trailer for the five-hour drive to the port at Harper. One time someone gave us just a piece of a log, and it lasted us for a whole year as firewood. They used to chain the logs onto the trailer, but one time the chain broke and someone was crushed. Another time, a woman sitting outside her house in Tubman town was killed when a wheel came off one of these giant trailers and hit her. That was when I was living in Harper as a child in the 1980s, before the war came.


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