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Our House – Coocoo’s House in Harper

Author: eisjen

We rented this ‘mansion’ from Coocoo Tubman. 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, no running water. We used a pump and filled one of the 8 bath tubs for daily use. We took a shower on the terrace under the roof, with a beautiful view over the ocean. This house is the last house on the peninsula, right before the lighthouse. On the highest floor, where we and our baby slept, half of the shutters were missing. When it rained we had to move the beds as far away as possible from the windows. The fishermen would yell early in the morning if they caught something. We were very happy when it was a lobster! It is now occupied by the Danish Refugee Council, as we have heard.

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  1. Audrey Crawford says:

    Hi there,

    I live on the top floor and the view is still breath taking. Our office takes up the ground and first floors. We still pump water upstairs. I think lobster season is over as the storms are preventing the fisherman from accessing them but it was delicious while it lasted. Some of the shutters are still broken but we do have glass windows as well. The railing was replaced by concrete casts. The house to the left is a ruin now.. Thank you for the photos..We spend a lot of time imagining Harper’s former glory..



    • vashti says:

      so happy to hear about the past. loved the picture the narrator gave. can imagine me there now.


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