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  1. Comfort Henry says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this photo. In 1967, I lived adjacent to this house, and visited the female PCVs teachers when I was nine years old. The first time I visited, I was impressed about the way they wrote/planned daily activities on their chuck boards. This was my first time interacting with people of such fine culture, upon my migration with my mother from our remote village 75 miles away from Kakata two years later to attend school. Although my visit with the PCVs was brief but , I will always have those experiences in my memory. I can’t recall names or detail imformation about those unique teachers at this time, but I would be glad to reunite with them someday if possible.

    Again, I say many thanks and appreciations to you for the enchancement of my memory in this house.

    Kindest regards.


  2. Mary Maupin says:

    Hello-ya Henry,
    Wow! I wonder if we were the PCVs you visited! I lived in that house from Jan. or Feb. 1967 until Jan. 1969. My roommate was Carol Brown. The first year we were there another woman, Paula, lived with us. I taught at Lango Lippaye. Carol taught at KTTI. I don’t remember where Paula taught–maybe the Episcopal school? A Liberian teen-ager, Sam Sherman, worked for us and lived in the room under the house. I have a painting I did of the community right next to our house–I’ll try to post it
    So nice to hear from you! Sincerely, Mary


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