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Ricks Institute

Author: frithad

Front view of the classroom buildings at Ricks Institute, mission school operated by the Liberia Baptist Convention, near Monrovia. I taught middle school math and science, and junior college biology.

by Fritha

Year Taken:


  1. good memories……all our pictures were lost in the war. Thank you missionary


  2. Gwendolyn Cannon says:

    I adopted a boy in Liberia in 2007, he is presently living with his dad in Banjor community. Father works, grandmother was caring for him and 4 other silings before her death last year. His mother is with someone else. I want the boy to be cared for and schooled properly. He is 11 or 12 in 6th grade, promoted a couple of grades, very smart. I am trying to get him to the US where I can care for him myself. Immigration requires children adopted by US citizens be orphans. I am not wealthy but able to take care of him. Meanwhile, what are your boarding fees? please advise.


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