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Ricks Institute

Author: frithad

This is me, teaching my fifth graders about the food chain (hint, see blackboard). The child on the right is Oretha Nuah. Attentive, shy, hard to know. I always had the feeling that she carried a great sadness with her.

I worked at Ricks Institute in 1980 as a math and science teacher. Ricks is operated by the Liberian Baptist Convention and is near Monrovia.

by Fritha Skinner Dinwiddie

Year Taken:


  1. Oretha Nuah was my play daughter.. I remember this journey man (as we called them)…maybe should I say Journeywoman.


  2. Oretha might have carried some sadness……she used to live in the Executive Mansion with the Tolbert family……she was one of the many children they fostered , love and cared for.


  3. Alexander B. Woart says:

    I remember Oretha Nuah. She enrolled in 1981 at Bendu Industrial Mission in Cape Mount. Bendu Mission is a Baptist Mission that was operated by the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention.

    I remember she came along with one of her relative Shantal Tolbert.


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