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Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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  1. Quemiline Bull says:

    Wow, this is the same church that I went to with my parents as a child growing up in Monrovia, Liberia


  2. Antille says:

    Hello. I was deeply moved when I saw this picture. My father built this Church -it was about 1957, I was 12 years old – and I was present during the inauguration; I remember my father shaking hands with President Tubman. We lived several years in Liberia before returning in Switzerland, and these years were probably among the happiest of our lives.
    Best greetings. J.N. Antille


  3. Eric moede says:

    I am also deeply moved. My father who is looking at this picture now was the first pastor of st. Peters lutheran church and worked with pierre antille on this church-particularly the beautiful mosaic on the front. Please let me know how to contact you. My father, Arnold Moede, is 93 years old and is greatly enjoying the pictures.
    Best regards
    Eric moede


    • Ellen says:

      I’m trying to get in touch with Eric – his aunt Janet from Minneapolis drove to Lincoln, NE to visit her high school friend Darlene and we’re worried about her driving back to MN by herself. Please email or call me at 918-841-4070


  4. Antille says:

    Hello, I would be very happy to have a contact with Eric Moede. I get some more pictures about this Church, and I think that his father is on one of them. You may give him my e-mail if he asks for. Friendly. J.-N. Antille


    • eric moede says:

      We would very much appreciate your email. E. Moede


  5. Mary-Pierre Antille says:

    Hi, I’m J.N. Antille’s sister, I remember when we had dinner at uour father’s place in Sinkor. You event came to Switzerland and visited us.
    It was great. Our father died 9 years ago, but our mother is still alive, she is 94.


    • eric moede says:

      We are so happy to hear from you. My father just died on August 24. My mother died just 32 days before. We had a number of visitors that we knew in Liberia-Barbra McKay, Chris McKay, Paul Spehr, Al Hoerig, We also keep in touch with Karl and Marlene Schneider who still live in Germany. please try to get in touch.


  6. eric moede says:

    To JN Antille and Mary Pierre-you may contact me by


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