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  1. Wolfgang Tonn says:

    Hi,i lived in Monrovia from 1970 until 1972.I stayed in a flat in Sinkor Township and there was a Supermarket with Draft Beer,the only one in Liberia.The Owner was a Libanese,i thhink his name was Labib or simmular.I wonder if this is the mentioned Supermaket.Its long time ago.

    I enjoy watching old Pictures


  2. ST says:

    This is certainly the Sinkor area, somewhere b/t 9th and 12th streets, I believe. Of late, some time before 1989, the supermarket had gone, and a trade/market in African crafts and artifacts blossomed here.


  3. Amara M. Kromah says:

    This is the famous Sinkor Shopping Center, opposite the Methodist Compound.


  4. Maxwell C says:

    Yes this is Sinkor the good old days in Liberia.


  5. Quemiline Bull says:

    I remembered this area as a child. They used to sell African craft there prior to the civil war in 1990. I’m loving these picture. When my children get older someday I’ll be able to show it to them.


  6. Gerald says:

    Yes the sinkor centre, played such a big part of our life in liberia. Always a hive of activity. This looks to be quite an early photo. Does anyone know when it was built and what happened to the restraunt owner ?


  7. Giselle AJ says:

    The owner of Sinkor Supermarket was JD ABI JAOUDI.


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