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  1. Walker Richards says:

    This should be Randall Street.


  2. Walker Richards says:

    this looks like Randall street.


  3. jim heyburn says:

    Looks more like Mechlin Street.


  4. ed hermelin says:

    Jim, Surely it’s Randall street


  5. Mark Palmquist says:

    The view of the mid-span of the bridge (background) from Waterside to Vai Town shows that it is Randall St. The absence in the shot of the Front Street span shows that the picture was taken between Front and Water Streets. I think.


  6. joan findley says:

    It is randall street


  7. William Bernard says:

    It is Randall Street! Before they moved across the bridge, Brawico was right there where that blue pick up truck is parked.


  8. Toose Itoka says:

    It is Randall Street!! william Bernard, you’re right, Brawico was on the right side and my friend Abdullah Darrah family had their residence on the left side of the street, just across from Brawico Dept. Store…..


  9. Amara M. Kromah says:

    The left side of this photo is where the original Foreign Exchange Bureaux were located. Yes, this is Randall Street.


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