Photography is connection.
Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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  1. C. Mike Doryen says:

    Some ministers are missing here-Kate Bryant, MH&SW, Gabriel Tucker, MPW and I think a third minister.

    Thanks for the great job!

    A suggestion: Can you all please list the ministers. I do recognize lots of them but a few, i cant recognized particularly, the minister between Dr. Fahnbulleh and Col Twehgbe



    They were our heroes; we miss them all. The history of Liberia will be incomplete without them.Though, no man is perfect, these guys fought for the equality we enjoy today in Liberia. MAY THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO DIED DURING THE STRUGGLE REST IN PEACE and those who r still with us be honored for their contributions while they r still alive.


  3. Coert says:

    A very knowledgeable person to be contacted in case of questions about Liberia’s history and people who played a role in it, is Fred van der Kraaij, auhor of website . He is now in posession of the newspaper from which I took the 3 images posted here.


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