Photography is connection.
Photography is history.
Photography is life.

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Help and Instruction

Here are some helpful instructions and answers to frequently ask questions related to sharing photos. If the information below doesn’t help please contact us directly at

How do I upload my photos?

It’s easy. Start by creating an account. Then select your image using the browse button and attach relevant data to it using the pull down menus and form fields. Once your photo is selected and the form completed, hit SUBMIT and your photo will automatically upload to our server.

What if my photos aren’t in a digital format?

Many of the photos we are looking for will be prints or slides. If this is the case for you we ask you have the photos scanned and saved in a digital format so that they can be uploaded to this site.

Are there limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?

You can upload photos in JPEG and PNG formats up to 20MB. We encourage you to upload bigger photos at higher resolutions. All photos will automatically be converted to and stored in JPEG format.

How many photos can I upload?

We encourage you to share as many photos as you like. There aren’t many people out there with the types of images we are asking for, so if you have them please share as many as you can.

Can I upload multiple photos at once?

We do not currently offer this feature. We hope you’ll take the time to upload each photo and include all the relevant information you can along with it.

Do I have to describe my photo and categorize it?

No. However, any information you provide will help us, and curators at the National Museum, understand the image in the broader context of Liberia’s social history. And visitors to the site will find it interesting too.

What are tags (and why should I include them)?

Tags are words that describe your photo and make them easier to find. They can include words that describe the subject of your photo (think “picnic” or “ocean”) or that describe the attributes of your image (think “blue” or “close-up”).

Will my personal information be displayed?

Only your username, country, and bio will be displayed on your authour profile page. Your first and last name, and email address will never be displayed or shared.

Can I change my account information?

Yes. Simply login and click on your account to see your account information. Once there you can update and save the information.

Can I access my original images?

When you upload an image to this website it is resized and optimized for viewing on the site. Originals will be kept on our system in case we want to produce a print for use in the National Museum. If you need to recover a photo contact us and we will do our best to get it back to you.

Can I delete my photos at a later date?

Our system does not allow you to delete your own photos. If you wish to have a photo removed please contact us and we will be happy to do it for you.

Can people comment on my photos?

Yes they can. We want to find connections and encourage a positive dialogue about Liberia’s past. All comments are moderated by the administrators of this website before being published. If you wish to have a comment removed please contact us.

Can I mail you my photos?

We would prefer you use our easy to use web system to share your photos. However, if this is impossible please contact us and we will make arrangements to have you send us the photos. We will get them into our system and mail you your originals back.

If I share my photos can you sell them?

No. We simply want to share them with the people of Liberia and the world. Our terms allow us to use the images for display purposes in perpetuity but not to sell them for commercial purposes.